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The Magnolia Suite is the original master bedroom to the mansion. Enjoy this large, comfortable room that offers privacy and a place to relax after a busy day! This room includes a Queen-size bed, a private en-suite bathroom with a standard tub/shower and a pedestal sink surrounded by the rooms original marble backsplash and mirror. If you choose to stay in the Magnolia Suite, you should know you will be in good company! We are proud to have had the following famous people stay in this room: Dr. Joyce Brothers, Gyorgy Kurtag, Angela Davis, Sebastian Currier, Peter Lieberson, Sonia Sanchez, Hans Abrahamsen and Unsuk Chin. This room is a very special place in our home. Come and enjoy your stay at The Columbine Bed and Breakfast.

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Complimentary breakfast included with your reservation of The Magnolia Suite.

Private en-suite bathroom.

Free wireless internet while staying at The Columbine Bed and Breakfast.

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